Posted by Plumbing Specialist February 13th, 2020

I had a hot water heater issue that developed on Saturday. I called what I thought was a larger, reputable company on Saturday. As of Monday morning at 09:45, I was STILL trying to get the larger, and obviously unreliable, company to my house. I called Carolina Plumbing & Repair on Monday morning at 09:45. Within 40 minutes, Tim was at my house. An hour and a half later the repair was completed and Tim was leaving. I don’t usually leave reviews like this, but after the issues I had with the other company and the GREAT response I had from Carolina Plumbing & Repair, I thought–why shouldn’t I let other people know how GREAT this company treated me? Tim gave me an estimate of the repair cost within 10 minutes of arriving and the repair was right at that estimated cost. If you are looking for a plumber in the Garner/Raleigh/Cary area–in my opinion–you CANNOT go wrong with Carolina Plumbing & Repair. Go ahead, give them a call. You won’t regret it!!!

- Robert S.

What luck to have our water heater start leaking days before a major hurricane. We called Carolina Plumbing & Repair at 8:00 a.m. By 11:00 a.m., they had a brand-new water heater installed. Our installer, Tim, was patient and was quick to answer questions. We are grateful they were able to get our new water heater installed before the hurricane.

- Bill B.

We own a rental home in Raleigh, NC. Our water heater sprung a leak (in the attic!) and our home warranty company put us in contact with Carolina Plumbing & Repair. Everyone we dealt with in the company was extremely helpful, thorough, understanding, and clear, even when we didn’t really understand what they were talking about. They were so accommodating and were even able to squeeze us in to replace the water heater the next day.

- Jessica S.

Had three items to fix. Called them and they came out the next day, which is extremely quick and convenient. 2 techs came out and fixed 2 minor issues and had to visit a hardware store to get parts for the 3rd. Two hours total time, they had my issues resolved and were the nicest guys you could meet. Very outgoing and personable. Will definitely call them next time I need their services. Great job guys!

- Forest A.

Positive: Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value. I had some problems getting my GC to permit the work he had done in my home. I decided to just get it taken care of myself and called Carolina Plumbing & Repair. While NONE of this was Carolina Plumbing & Repair’s fault or problem, when I called Paul to ask for help getting things permitted and inspected. He was literally at my house within 1 hour. He was extremely helpful and understanding. He got everything resolved/permitted for me in 2 days. Frank has been out to my house multiple times and is always extremely polite and courteous. Carolina Plumbing & Repair will be my first call for all future plumbing needs. It’s very hard to find such good people and help! I have already recommended them to friends.

- Claire F.

I highly recommend Carolina Plumbing & Repair. They are honest and truly care about their customers. Their work is professional, and they treat their customers with respect. Great people and quality service.

- Kimber B.

As part of my job, I have a need to hire plumbers every week. They are my go-to plumbing company. They are always willing to help out in a bind or an emergency. They are my first call every time. I have yet to come across a problem they could not handle. Knowledgeable, prompt, great attention to detail, clean, polite and priced right. Highly recommend!

- Michelle A.

I had several repairs that needed to be done under my AHS warranty. So, I did not choose this company; the insurance company chose for me. I could not be more happy with the job the guys did! I had several additional repairs done that I needed. I called around for estimates, and they were reasonable AND did a great job. I had several questions they were able to help me with. Personable and knowledgeable. I will certainly be staying with Carolina Plumbing & Repair for any future needs.

- Sherri R.

I had a leak in my front yard, so I called them to get a quote on replacing the pipe. They were able to repair it instead of replacing it. Thanks guys.

- Bobby B

We had a water heater spring a heavy leak. The two plumbers that were sent out were extremely knowledgeable and very professional. They confirmed my assumption that the appliance needed to be replaced (which makes since given that it was 20 years old and the previous owner of our home seemed to have not done any basic maintenance). The entire reason I’m writing this review is the next detail: my wife and I are on a low, but liveable, temporarily fixed income. The company treated us like people and listened to our issue, then helped up make an arrangement that was above and beyond what most companies do today. The installation work was fast and top-notch, including some customer education on how to do the simple manual servicing. They get 5 stars because they earned it every step of the way. We’ll continue to call them for all of our plumbing needs in the future.

- Dustin H.

Had my water heater start leaking badly late the other night. I was able to get it shut off and called Carolina Plumbing & Repair the next morning. They adjusted their schedule and had it replaced the same day I called. Guys were awesome and very professional while working in my house even when I wasn’t there. Would definitely recommend you give them a call. They have my business for as long as I’ll ever need a plumbing company. Thanks again, Carolina Plumbing & Repair!

- Stephen G.

We called Carolina Plumbing & Repair yesterday for setting a toilet back and reinstalling a vanity in our half bath. The lady that answered the phone was very sweet and nice. They were able to get to us in the afternoon which is what we wanted. Andy came over to do the work, and he was extremely careful, professional and knew what he was doing. What a nice company and I would highly recommend them in the future. Thank you, Carolina Plumbing & Repair, for a great experience and knowledge of your job!!

- Kathleen W.

Thanks for replacing my well pump so quickly!! I have water again!!! This is the 4th time I’ve called you guys for help (other times were minor leaks) and have NEVER been disappointed. My house had the original pump (23 years old) so it did its job. The guys did great work and they always clean up every bit of evidence that they were here. I appreciate everything!!! You guys rock!!!

- Connie H.