Well Pumps, Carteret County, NC

We have the experience with well pumps you need for a private well water system.

One of the most common issues to face when your Carteret County, North Carolina home or business relies on a private well as your water source is an issue with the well pump. It is not uncommon for many plumbing companies to avoid dealing with well pumps because they lack the experience with them and would prefer you called a well company instead. The problem with that is most well companies focus on drilling wells rather than repairing or replacing well pumps.

Well Pumps in Carteret County, North Carolina

So, who can you turn to? Us! Here at Carolina Plumbing & Repair, well pumps don’t scare us. We’ve served the plumbing needs of this area for over 40 years, so it makes sense that we’d handle absolutely everything as your one-stop source for plumbing services.

We are equipped to handle well pumps of every type and model, including centrifugal pumps used in shallow wells, submersible pumps that are the most commonly found, and jet pumps that come in versions for both shallow and deep wells. Your well equipment area also includes other equipment, such as a water storage unit and air bladder, which work together with well pumps to provide consistent water to your home or business. We have the experience to properly diagnose which part is causing the problem and make the repair or replacement in a timely manner.

If you have questions about well pumps for new construction or to resolve a problem you are experiencing, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to serving all your plumbing needs now and in the future.

At Carolina Plumbing & Repair, we service well pumps in Raleigh, Garner, and Carteret County, North Carolina.