Plumbing Services at Your Disposal

We at Carolina Plumbing & Repair have a family-owned and operated business and over thirty years of experience. We offer you a variety of plumbing services according to your needs including:

  • Plumbing replacement & repair– Need a new garbage disposal, along with some new pipe connections, and a blocked drain repaired? Did someone put cherry stones, potato peels, or coffee grounds down the garbage disposal again at your last family gathering? Don’t worry. We at CPR know how to quickly and efficiently take care of problems with your garbage disposal or any other common household plumbing problems! We even offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services if your plumbing problem is causing a flood or leaving you completely without water.

expert to provide all the plumbing services you need

  • Plumbing maintenance- How do I know when I should ask for plumbing maintenance? Well, the short answer is to stay aware of signs of small problems which could become a real headache if left unaddressed. Look for small leaks from sink and shower faucets or drains. Do your best to keep drains unclogged, but don’t be afraid to call in a pro for plumbing services if your efforts are not getting the water flowing again quickly. You can also detect problems that need attention if your water heater springs a leak (which can be due to poorly regulated water pressure if you don’t have an expansion tank, for example). Water heaters should be drained annually to get rid of mineral sediment. You can also consider installing a soft water system to prolong the life of your water heater which becomes less effective as sediment builds up over the years. We at CPR are happy to help with any of these plumbing maintenance tasks and many more.

Plumbing Services at Your Disposal

  • Plumbing installation – If you are remodeling a fixer upper, plumbing is one of those things you should leave to the experts. The smallest of leaks can turn into a mess that ruins all or your hard work in a single day. Call in an expert to provide all the plumbing services you need to make this dream come true for you.

If you are a satisfied customer of CPR, please don’t forget to refer us to your friends and family for the next time they have plumbing problems at their own house. Most of our new customers come from referrals from satisfied friends and family.