Got a Leaky Toilet? Check for These Common Culprits!

There is a certain sense of dread that sets in when a person realizes that they have a leaky toilet! A toilet is something that we want to work consistently, correctly, and continuously. For this reason, when we find ourselves faced with a leaky toilet, not only are we worried about the cost of repairs, but we also worry about other damages as well. Before you start the process of ripping out your existing toilet, check for some of these common culprits that cause leaky toilets.

Got a Leaky Toilet? Check for These Common Culprits!

The first culprit is also the one that can make you feel the silliest — condensation. When a hot and steamy bathroom meets the cold porcelain of the toilet bowl, you often get quite a bit of condensation that gathers and runs down to the ground. This can make it appear as though your toilet is leaking when, in fact, it isn’t. Rule this option out before moving onto any other culprits.

Next, check your toilet for wear and tear. One common culprit that can cause your toilet to leak is simply the age of the materials within and around your toilet, not necessarily the toilet itself. What is the seal like underneath? What about the flapper that is contained within the tank? All of these rubber materials can degrade over time and with use, so be sure that they are in good condition before checking the actual toilet.

Once you have eliminated the above options, it’s time to check the toilet. Is the base cracked? A common problem arises when people attempt to tighten the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor and they tighten too much. This can crack the base and cause a leaky toilet.

If you’re still stumped as to why you have a leaky toilet, there’s nothing wrong with calling in our experts here at Carolina Plumbing & Repair! We would love to help you find and fix the cause of your leaky toilet.

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