Fast and Affordable Water Heater Replacement

Hot water is a modern luxury that we are not accustomed to living without.  We use hot water for warm, luxurious showers and baths.  Taking cold showers is not something most people like to do on a normal basis.  We also use hot water for washing dishes, doing laundry, and running our dishwasher.  When your hot water heater is acting up, you need to have water heater replacement done as soon as possible to avoid being without hot water if your hot water heater goes out.

Water Heater

You might be wondering how you can tell if your water heater is going out. There are a few things to look for that will let you know you could probably benefit from water heater replacement in the near future.  First of all, if you notice your water is not getting as hot as it used to, it might indicate a problem with your water heater.  When your water heater is unable to heat your water to the desired temperature, it usually means it is not working properly.

Fast and Affordable Water Heater Replacement

Another sign your water heater might be failing is if it makes weird thumping, clunking, or pinging noises.  This can happen when sediment builds up in the bottom of your water heater.  This will make it harder to heat the water and can even cause your water heater to leak or rust.  If your water heater is leaking, it is another good sign that you need water heater replacement.

If you notice any of these signs, or if your water heater is over 10 years old, call us at Carolina Plumbing & Repair for water heater replacement. We offer water heater replacement for fair and affordable prices.  We have over 40 years of experience and can have your water heater replaced quickly.