Don’t Let a Clogged Drain Bog You Down!

take care of a severely clogged drain yourselfIt happens to everyone. Whether it’s a little too much fatty food down the kitchen drain, hair and more hair in the bathroom sink or shower, or an object which accidentally got washed down the drain – sinks back up. The most frustrating part is often when you try to fix it yourself but end up making matters worse rather than fixing the clog. For the healthiest drains, let the pros have a go at your clogged drains and don’t let a clogged drain bog you down.

Here a Carolina Plumbing & Repair, we have all the tools to identify the problem causing your clogged drain, remove or clean the appropriate plumbing components to access the heart of the clog rather than sending it farther into your pipes or compacting the clog. Let us at CPR bail you out rather than trying to take care of a severely clogged drain yourself.

Not only do many do-it-yourself methods for clogged drains have the potential to make things worse and heighten your need for professional plumbing services, they also send harsh chemicals down your drain that can do damage to your pipes. You should call us at CPR if the drains or pipes need disassembling in order to fix the problem, if you think you may need new pipes installed, if you don’t know how to use the tools that plumbers use for clogged drains such as a plumbing snake, or if you simply feel more comfortably letting a professional take proper care of the problem from the start.