Bathroom Remodeling Trends
to Keep in Mind

A bathroom is a very private space for obvious reasons. We want it to feel calm and relaxing while also serving its purpose on a daily basis. If you are thinking of doing a little bathroom remodeling in the near future, there are a few trends that you should keep in mind before you swing that sledgehammer!

Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Keep in Mind

First, steer clear of large and jetted tubs if you intend to sell your home in the future. While large, deep jet tubs were once all the rage, potential buyers now see a messy large expanse to clean and will therefore never use. If you must have a tub, opt for a soaker tub or a freestanding soaker tub for maximum appeal. You can also get rid of the tub entirely and opt for a large, well-designed shower. This will be used more often and can help a small bathroom feel larger.

Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Keep in Mind 

Next, don’t be afraid to use your bathroom remodeling as a change to change things up a bit. Now is the time to move plumbing to maximize the useable space in your bathroom. If you hate where the toilet is in proximity to the door, now is your chance to move it!

Finally, opt for light colors for an airy and spa-like feel. A master bathroom is a perfect place to try out the white on white on white trend that so many people love these days. Add a splash of gold, copper or brass knobs, pulls, and faucets to keep it swanky and chic.

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