Backflow Testing, Raleigh, NC

Avoid the dangers of backflow by having your backflow device regularly tested.

It is easy to forget all that has to happen properly for there to be clean, fresh water to appear in your glass when you turn on a faucet at your Raleigh, North Carolina home or business. You likely don’t think much about how it all works, but there is one thing that could go wrong – water contamination due to backflow. Backflow is when the water goes the wrong direction because of a leak or other cause has altered the water pressure needed to bring the water to each property. This would actually happen quite often if it weren’t for the use of backflow devices to prevent the water flowing backwards into the main water supply.

Backflow Testing in Raleigh, North Carolina

At Carolina Plumbing & Repair, we offer backflow testing services so that you can be confident that the backflow device you are responsible for is operating as it should be. Backflow testing involves completing a visual inspection, testing the cocks and ports in the device, and utilizing a test kit to check that the mechanism is working properly. During the testing, we will need to shut your water off for a brief period of time, so it is best to schedule backflow testing for a time when your water demands aren’t at their peak.

If we determine through backflow testing that there is a problem with the backflow assembly, we can make repairs or handle backflow replacement so you will be in good shape should there be a water pressure difference in the future. If it is time for backflow testing at your property, give us a call to schedule service. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

At Carolina Plumbing & Repair, we offer backflow testing services in Raleigh, Garner, and Carteret County, North Carolina.